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The current food and beverage market is expected to grow above USD $6000 Billion in 2020. With its growth also comes the evolution of our relationship with food and drink and the emergence of the foodie identity. What are the driving forces and behaviours associated in this food revolution and what opportunities are there?


This case study utilizes qualitative ethnographic research and analysis as our primary research, various third party resources as well as trend analysis in our secondary research.

14 wk project, 2017, 2019

Research: Kimberly Handoko, Yena Song, Michelle Affandy, Andy Ding

Design: Kimberly Handoko, Yena SongMichelle Affandy

Humans are the only species on Earth concerned with clothing. Ergo... 

To be clothed is to be human!

© Kimberly Handoko | 2018

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