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what's the problem?


What makes us human is also part of what makes us awful​

Annually, U.S.A throws away 26 Billion lbs of textile trash into a landfill. 

The average American throws away about 81 lbs of textile waste a year. That is about 8 full trash bags

so, why not recycle?


54 %

of those surveyed don’t think their textile trash can or should be donated due to holes, rips, and stains

74 %

of those surveyed claim to be more likely to donate if their textiles would be accepted regardless of condition

current cotton clothing life-cycle


resource consumption data

project goals and strategies


a less wasteful alternative


Retains Cotton-like properties
High yarn strength and durability
Can be made to specification and woven to mimic denim, corduroy, muslin, organza, etc.

99.7% of Chemicals used in manufacturing process is reused.
Used fabrics can be processed back to raw materials and rewoven into new products.

life-cycle of cellulosic fibre clothing


we want more responsible clothing

+ modifier kit

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