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kaki :

Mobility for all (work in progress)

Kaki is a rollator that is designed to be portable with a host of accessories to allow customization to fit different lifestyles. The world is seeing a rise in mobility assistive devices and many are relying on multiple devices as one doesn’t cover all of their needs. The cost of mobility loss is too high to be taken for granted.

14 wk project, 2020

Even though they may need it, many individuals with balance and walking problems do not regularly use and some even refuse to use assistive mobility devices[2]

In the last decade, use of mobility devices has increased by 50% and need will double by 2050[3]. Contributions to this include rise obesity, strength deficiency, and issues with balance and cognition. 

A new study also found a recent rise in population of people using multiple devices as one doesn’t cover all of their needs[4]


Current Problems with Mobility Assist Devices


Mobility is often used as a predictor of quality of life

How can we improve such devices to better suit

each user’s specific lifestyle and encourage use in order to

increase mobility independence

Design Parameters


Concept Development


Kaki is a customizeable and foldable rollator


Kaki has accessories galore in order to fit to your lifestyle’s needs


The choice of larger front wheels allow navigating different terrains more easily


Accessories can attach to kaki easily and give more function while keeping it hands off


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