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Project Intro

kinü :

Reimagining Play 

Current playgrounds have become generic and does little to encourage use. Can playgrounds offer more for those who use it?​ Could play bring more to the table by providing learning as well as fun?

kinü is a modular kids furniture set that supports the gamification of programming through play.

14 wk project, 2017

Programming can teach us less tangible subjects that will benefit us increased success in our academic and daily lives.

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Logical Thinking


Strategic Thinking

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The Problem

If programming is so great, why do
only 1 in 10 K-12 schools* offer it?

*Sources: College Board, Bureau of Labor Statistics, NSF, 2016


Most schools follow a nationwide standard curriculum that have not been updated in years. They also lack the teachers willing to teach such programs because they don’t have backgrounds in them. Learning often begins in college

When concepts are completely novel

they are difficult to learn and can cause a lot of misconceptions.


Current Scenario

Introduction to coding often happens in college, barrier of entry is high and can be very difficult for beginners.

Primary Research

To learn more on the pitfalls and difficulties in learning and teaching, I started a Mechatronics club to teach my peers hands on programming using arduino and existing children's games

Key Insights

Key insights

1. Monkey see, monkey do doesn’t work in learning. They must get to the “solve” themselves

Example code made sense when explained line per line, but change it a little and it confuses those who are learning it for the very first time.

2. Excitable hands on projects are more motivational to continue

Small, visual accomplishments help motivate continuation of projects and learning. Those that come back to club are those that are more hands on

3. Gamified learning and lack of “code” allowed ease of understanding

From playing modified simple games such as simon says, tag, twister, etc; allowed them to quickly learn without them realizing

4. Associating pictures and movement to specific codes make it more tangible

Turning language parameters into game rules allowed them to quickly grasp the concepts better and faster.

Project Framing

What if we could create a gamified, hands on, 
learning concept that does not require the

use of screens and ultimately create a low barrier entry into the world of programming


Future Scenario with kinü in the world

After having experience in gamified learning concepts, when learning the actual language, coding is no longer novel and should be easier to learn. 

Game Concepts
kinü blends in with the environment

Kinü blends in to the environment when unused

kinü is a modular furniture kid's set

Gamified learning and lack of screens lowers barrier of entry

kinü activity desk

When not for play kinü can be used as an activity desk 

kinü storage

A storage compartment for various kinü accessories (not pictured) or miscellaneous stationery

kinü colour ways

Concept Development and User Testing

User Testing
kinü concept dev

© Kimberly Handoko | 2018

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