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Bellamy Organic

Go to Market Strategy, Copy, Campaign Concepts, Storyboarding 

© Kimberly Handoko, 2022

In collaboration with HANDOKO LA

BELLAMY AUSTRALIA is Australia's largest organic infant formula producer and ready to dip their toes in the South-East Asian market. Although there are many premium brands available, there is currently none that can hold the coveted and difficult to maintain title of "Organic Certified".

A comprehensive go to market strategy and visual concepts  for execution that fits within a tight budget is needed for them to take the next steps to test the waters.

"Because hope deserves the best from you"

The word 'hope' in this instance has more connotations in Indonesian such as 'Expectations', 'Outlook', 'Trust'. The future deserves its best chance and we must do our best to cultivate a better tomorrow.

Additionally the word "pure" was not approved for marketing usage by BPOM.



Bellamy is about believing the idea in giving the best possible milk for infants, which is why they chose and rigorously maintain being organic; "as close to nature as intended". Bellamy should heavily endorse breastmilk as it is still the best possible milk for infants when available.